About us

Bimpact is an Azerbaijani based company offering the solutions for marketing and business research, management consulting and data analysis to its customers. We help our clients to improve their performance, reach their tactical and strategic goals, and reinvent their business. We offer the profitable business solutions by using the insights that we achieved with the most up-to-date research and analysis tools to solve the business problems of our customers. The name of Bimpact derives from “Business impact” and it reflects our desire of the positive impact on businesses, organizations and the economy at global level.

Reinventing business

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the businesses with information, methodologies and strategies towards improving the market performance to ensure the competitive edge.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a global company providing a sustainable development of businesses with a professional touch.

Our values


  • To offer competitive solutions and results that comply with high standards
  • To give a major priority always to customer interests.
  • To present our services always in an upper level by a different, creative and innovative thinking
  • Armed with scientific approach and knowledge, to utilize effective ways, methods and tools
  • To create a customer satisfaction

  • To protect the confidence and trust of customers
  • To react to the customer needs quickly
  • To ensure the confidentiality
  • To create a leading work environment

  • To comprehend entrepreneurship, creativity and lifelong learning
  • To be honest and faithful towards each other, our customers, as well as the society
  • Self-management, and understanding our responsibilities and liabilities
  • To ensure the inclusivity – equal opportunities, teamwork, sharing our knowledge and expertise
  • Why to choose us?

    Individual approach

    We do not give anything out-of -pocket. We design each research that is fit for our client needs, the research purpose and the sector. Our researches are not the data collection getting as a result of arbitrary questions, but it introduces the applicable results, metrics, analysis and strategies towards to the important marketing and business issues.

    Knowledge, scientific approach & know-how

    We are a pioneer of state-of-the-art research methods, models and techniques. From the research design to the use of advanced statistical and analytical methods, marketing and business models, we refer to the best practices and scientific principles of leading world companies at every stage. Our focus is continually to develop more effective research methods and analysis models.

    Global standard

    In addition to our research design and analysis, our consulting services also meet the world standards. The feasibility studies and business plans we have prepared are supported by world companies and financial institutions.